Google Tag Manager Plugin for HikaShop

Enable eCommerce Tracking in HikaShop

This plugin will enable eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics for HikaShop eCommerce stores.  The plugin pulls checkout information from each users purchases and sends this information to Google Analytics.  With this information available you can now tell what your biggest selling products are, what campaigns are converting the most, what regions are purchasing your products and a whole lot more.  Here is a sample Product Performance Report from Google Analytics:

 Google Analytics Product Performance Report

To enable this you will need to take the following steps (it may look like a few, but follow them all and you will get great insight into how your HikaShop store is performing!

Follow these steps to install:

  1. Next subscribe & download the plugin here: Version 0.0.5
  2. Then logon to your Joomla! site and select Extensions -> Install
  3. Browse for the file and install
  4. Enable the Plugin and configure the Affiliate used within the tracking by editing in the Basic Options tab (or leave blank)
    Hika Shop Google Tag Manager Plugin admin screen
  5. Finally setup an eCommerce Tag in Google Tag Manager - follow the instructions in this blog article.

We are actively updating this plugin.  Please let us know your feedback or submit enhancement requests by creating a support request (you will have to register to submit this request).

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