GA Universal Plugin

Enable the new Google Universal Analytics code on your Joomla! Website

The GA Universal plugin is simple to install and configure.  It will enable the new Google Universal Analytics on all of your Joomla website pages.  By default the free version does not record Administrator visitors.

Some of the features of the latest version include:

  • Virtual Pageviews for PDF downloads - see this link for more detail.
  • Demographic Reporting
  • Track Registered Users as a new Custom Dimension

Follow these steps to install:

  1. First download the plugin here: Version 1.0.6
  2. Then logon to your Joomla! site and select Extensions -> Install
  3. Browse for the file
  4. Configure the Plugin with the Google Analytics Tracking ID and your website domain
  5. You can find them in the Google Analytics admin screens:

    Click on the "Tracking Info" and then "Tracking Code" links to see this screen.  Your Tracking ID is at the top.

  6. Enter the Tracking ID and your website domain (without the "http" or "www" at the beginning) to the Plugin Configuration.
  7. Publish your plugin and your website is now being tracked by Google Analytics.
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